Website Maintenance & Troubleshooting

We offer three tiers of website maintenance & support;


Emergency Website Support

If your website is business-critical and suffering a catastrophic issue; for example is offline because it has been hacked or due to some other technical issue, we can help and will ‘drop everything’ to get you back up and running.

Call 01736 322321 or call Tony directly on 07809 867295  for immediate assistance.

Retained Emergency Website Support

If you have a web maintenance retainer agreement in place with us, (or you are an ing. hosting client and the fault is proven to be hosting-related) we will get you back online Free of Charge, no-matter what the issue is or how long it takes.

Pay-As-You-Go Emergency Website Support

If you are a current client and have been using us to support your website on an ad-hoc basis  but do not have a retainer agreement in place, our charges for getting you back online will be based on our emergency rate of £65 per hour.

New Client Emergency Website Support

If you are not a current client and need urgent support to restore your website, our charges for getting you back online will be based on a rate of £75 per hour.

Pay-As-You-Go Website Maintenance & Troubleshooting

A pay-as-you-go agreement is where we have agreed to support your website on a ‘time and materials’ basis, only carrying out maintenance or development tasks when asked and charging for any time spent carrying out those tasks, based on a previously-agreed hourly rate.

We generally only recommend pay-as-you-go maintenance agreements if your website is not business-critical, does not capture or store sensitive information, or if you have someone on staff who is regularly engaging with the website and able to spot issues they can bring to our attention.


In the short-term, if your website is not business-critical and you do not require a vast amount of support, this could work out more cost-effective for you.


Typically, this ad-hoc form of maintenance is reactive rather than preventative, has no long-term strategy behind it and tends to only deal with issues as they occur.  Often this results in the use of of ‘patches’ that may require additional work (and therefore generate additional costs) in the future.

Over time, the costs involved in maintaining a website on a pay-as-you-go  basis far exceed those incurred by regularly maintaining a website via a retainer agreement. 

In addition, sites that are only maintained on an ad-hoc basis are typically less secure and less stable. All good reasons for entering into a Website Maintenance Retainer Agreement.

Website Maintenance Retainer Agreements

A retainer agreement is the best way to ensure your site stays in peak condition, when it comes to reliability, security and performance.

If your website is business-critical, you MUST have a retainer agreement in place, or accept the risk of future down-time, lost income and the costs of recovery.

When you secure a retainer agreement with us, we are not only available to you free-of-charge in an emergency, but by carrying out regular check, maintenance and analysis, we strive to ensure that your website remains in peak health, reliability, security & performance at all times.

We will work with you to assess your site’s requirements and develop a programme of regular maintenance and upgrades, to ensure your site never becomes obsolete or insecure.

We can also integrate our maintenance with other services, such as SEO and PPC Advertising, producing a series of monthly reports, tracking performance against targets.


Plays a major role in turning your website from money-pit to money making machine. No more periodic obsolescence and hefty lump-sum investments, just a steady, predictable, reliable service.


If your website is not business-critical or does not store or capture sensitive data, then this could be less cost-effective than a pay-as-you-go option.

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