Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation  in Cornwall, in Penzance, in Truro, in Redruth, in Falmouth, in St Austell

Effective search engine optimisation (SEO) can transform a website from money-pit to money-making machine.

How We “Do” SEO

We have a fantastic track-record in improving our SEO clients’ performance in search engine results, regularly doubling the number of visitors and sometimes tripling the number of sales or conversions within the space of 12 months.

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We can confidently make these claims, because our clients can see and confirm our results for themselves, thanks to our clear reporting and open communication.

Clear Communication

At every stage, we ensure our clients understand what ‘the numbers’ mean and why they are important. Where necessary, we teach them “The Language of SEO” to help further improve communication and understanding.

In-depth Site SEO Audit

We start every engagement with an in-depth SEO audit of the client’s site, identifying issues and opportunities. We can also analyse your competitor’s sites for signs of weakness that can be exploited.

The resulting report forms the basis of our on-going strategy, giving us a benchmark to work against.

"...The number of times I’ve written legal blogs or webpages, handed over to Tony to do his SEO magic and then some short time later had prospective clients calling who say, “I found you from Google and an article that you’d written!” For me that’s how I rate SEO being done well."

Tailor-made SEO Strategy

We use the results of our audit to formulate a bespoke SEO strategy. Typically, we identify the tasks that will have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time, which tends to bring impressive results quite quickly.

It can be tempting to reduce or pause investment once the impact of successive changes appears to lessen, but this is a mistake.

Typically, we would then move on to address issues that are slower to resolve (or to show returns) but have an even greater impact on performance over time.

Search Engine Optimisation is not something we ‘do for a bit’ until performance improves, but, thanks to ever-evolving technology and SEO best-practice, is something that requires continuous up-keep and maintenance.

Regular Reporting

You’ll be able to track of our progress for yourself, thanks to our monthly reports and quarterly reviews. We’ll not only provide you with detailed time sheets and records of the changes we make, but data and charts clearly demonstrating their impact and performance against KPI’s, such as impressions in search results, visitor numbers and conversion rates.

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Identify the issues holding your site back from appearing at the top of the search rankings and what it will take to fix them.

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Search Engine Optimisation Packages

Every individual SEO engagement is different, which makes it very difficult to offer examples of a ‘typical’ Search Engine Optimisation maintenance package and it’s likely costs.

Every strategy is individually devised and tailored for each client and is usually driven by the results of our initial in-depth site audit.

Search Engine Optimisation Costs

We are by no means the most expensive outfit when it comes to SEO. In fact, having undertaken a little competitor research, we believe we offer outstanding value for money.

However, experience tells us that committing less than 8 hrs per month makes it difficult to achieve meaningful results for our clients. For us, this equates to a minimum monthly investment of around £380

Experience The Difference For Yourself

Try SEO without the guesswork, the jargon and the sky-high costs, just simple, clear, straight-forward returns on your investment.

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